All the products are readily available on Bhat Bio-Tech label. We can also manufacture some of the products in your label (OEM), if the volumes are good enough. At present the following products are available for OEM manufacturing.

  • HIV range in card, spot and ELISA formats.
  • Pregnancy range in card and dipstick, formats.
  • Hepatitis range in card, dipstick and ELISA formats.
  • Malaria test kits-both antigen and antibody tests.
  • Bio-Chemistry test kits.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing will be done starting from add on Jobs to total manufacturing .We will customize your needs of our products or we can do it on your specifications. Already we are doing contract manufacturing to several multinational companies.
Please contact BBI for details

Advantage Bhat Bio-Tech

  • Company with more than 16 years of experience
  • Company headed by technocrats
  • International quality certifications with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE and GMP
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Collaboration with world leaders
  • Prompt after sales service
  • Products are developed in consultations with the end users
  • Products are consistent and reproducible
  • Kits and reagents come with detailed instruction manual