» Production of antigens in animal and E.coli cells. These proteins are used for the production of kits for the detection of HIV, Malaria, Syphilis, etc. We work also on methods that allow protein production in soluble form and not completely in inclusion bodies using different methods that include studies on the precipitation behavior of the eluted protein, use of different strains of bacteria where the protein is produced etc.

» We have a group devoted to the development of monoclonal antibodies, FBA fragments and humanized antibodies. We also have initiated work on humanization of antibodies for eventual therapeutic applications as well as in the production of HVR fragments of antibodies in diagnosis in a BIRAP funded project.

» We have noted that on treatment of sera with proprietary agent proteins bands present only in the sera of patients infected with tuberculosis was visualized. This is the starting point of a multimodal multianalyte immunochemical detection system that is being developed by us for the detection of tuberculosis. We also are developing the Impedance PCR system for the rapid detection of the bacteria in sputum. Finally we are initiating work for detection of MDR TB.

» We are developing fluorescently labeled probes for the detection of Angelman’s , Phelan McDermid syndrome and other genetic disorders using FISH in a SIBRI funded project.

» We have a group that works on building instrumentation. We have built a PCR machine completely indigenously and are now developing an electrical method for the detection of DNA amplification measuring the Impedance of the PCR solution.. We are now working on developing an instrument for the measurement of glycated hemoglobin.