Monoclonal Antibody Development Service

BHAT BIO-TECH provides customized hybridoma development service to meet the customer needs. We will develop monoclonal antibodies to a wide range of antigens including peptides. All the animal experiments are carried out in our state-of-the art facility approved by CPCSEA, Govt. of India.

The monoclonal antibody development service is divided into four phases:

  • Phase I: Immunization and evaluation of antibody titer
  • Phase II: Fusion, plating and screening
  • Phase III: Subcloning by limiting dilution, expansion and cryopreservation of 3 selected clones
  • Phase IV: Amplification- production of 50 ml of culture supernatant containing monoclonal antibody.

Sample requirements:

  • 5 mg of pure protein or 25-30 mg of peptide


  • Phase I:
    • ELISA data for antibody titration
  • Phase II:
    • ELISA data for screening of hybridoma
    • Culture supernatant from 5 of the best hybridoma containing wells.
  • Phase III:
    • ELISA data for screening antibody secreting sub-clones
    • Culture supernatant from 3 of monoclones
    • Isotyping results of 3 of the monoclonal antibody
  • Phase IV:
    • 50 ml of culture supernatant containing monoclonal antibody
    • Frozen hybridoma cells
    • Final project report
Cat. No. Service
BBCS-20114 Monoclonal antibody development service
BBCS-20114A Phase I
BBCS-20114B Phase II
BBCS-20114C Phase III
BBCS-20114D Phase IV

Additional Hybridoma related services:

  • Additional sub-cloning, expansion and screening of parental clones
  • Cryopreservation of up to 20 clones per month
  • Monoclonal antibody production in cell culture flask- 50 to 100 ml culture supernatant
  • Isotyping of monoclonal antibodies
Cat. No.   Service
BBCS-20116 Monoclonal antibody production in cell culture flask
BBCS-20117 Isotyping of monoclonal antibody

Polyclonal Antibody Production Service in Rabbit, Chicken and Mice

At BHAT BIO-TECH, we develop custom polyclonal antibodies of highest quality with fast and reliable delivery times. The antibody screening will be done by direct ELISA and Western blotting.

Sample requirements:

  • 5 mg of immunogen


  • Rabbit:
    • 2ml of pre immunized rabbit serum
    • 25ml to 30ml of immunized rabbit serum
  • Chicken:
    • Polyclonal IgY antibody.
  • Mice:
    • Pre immunized and immunized mice serum.
Cat. No.   Service
BBCS-20118 Polyclonal antibody production service in Rabbit
BBCS-20142 Polyclonal antibody production service in Chicken
BBCS-20143 Polyclonal antibody production service in Mice

Antibody Purification Services:

BHAT BIO-TECH provides a wide range of options for the purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. These include relatively common methods such as protein A and protein G affinity as well as protein L and antigen affinity chromatography.

Sample requirements:

  • Serum sample
  • If antigen affinity chromatography is required 5 mg of antigen to prepare purification column


  • Purified antibody
  • Project report
Cat. No.   Service
BBCS-20119 Purification of antibody by Protein A or protein G affinity chromatography
BBCS-20120 Purification of antibody by Protein L affinity chromatography
BBCS-20121 Purification of antibody by antigen affinity chromatography

Antibody Labeling Services

BHAT BIO-TECH offers a wide range of antibody labeling services to meet the requirements of the researchers. Antibody conjugated to enzymes, biotin or FITC are widely used in a variety of immunotechniques as a detection reagent. We provide the following conjugation services

  • Conjugation to HRP
  • Conjugation to ALP
  • Conjugation to FITC
Cat. No.   Service
BBCS-20122 Antibody- HRP conjugation
BBCS-20123 Antibody- ALP conjugation
BBCS-20125 Antibody- FITC conjugation

Colloidal Gold Labeling Service

At BHAT BIO-TECH we have a strong expertise in rapid diagnostic kit development using colloidal gold conjugate. We offer conjugation of colloidal gold to a variety of proteins. We can conjugate proteins to colloidal gold of varying size such as 10nm, 15nm, 20nm, 40nm and 60nm depending on the customer requirements.


  • No aggregation
  • OD 540 is 10 or above
  • Uniform size
  • Wide range of particle size
  • Cat. No.   Service
    BBCS-20129 Colloidal gold labeling service